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Meet The Horses


Cadillac is an 8yr. Black with white socks Rocky Mountain Gaited John Mule. Easy to catch, good with all of his feet and loves his ears rubbed. Has an Awesome neck reins and will slide stop. Gaits out with ease and is smooth as silk. Been packed on all day in rough terrain and will go anywhere you point him. Is good with traffic and dogs. And is easy to load.

Suzanne Higgins 623-204-0592


Jim is an 11yr.15.2h Grey heavy boned gelding with good feet. Been on the same ranch for the past seven years in Northern Arizona. Been rode in extremely rough country, straight up straight down. Has branded and doctored many cattle on the outside.

Suzanne Higgins 623-204-0592


6 year old



Not papered

Height: 15.3 hands

Has been rode all over Arizona, great trail horse will take you where you need to go.

He has been roped off of, gathered cattle. Was on a ranch in Nevada for 6 months during branding season.

He is very willing to please and is a kind horse, he won’t do anything aggressive. He is watchy but not dangerous.

He has a lot of energy but does not buck. He can go any direction you want. He does have a scar on his left leg but it does not cause any lameness issues. Completely sound.

Jacob Rogers

Colt & Coy

Colt and Coy are a team of 5yr old geldings. Well matched and well trained . They work in the woodlot and on the farm but seem to really enjoy crowds and being in the spotlight. If you enjoy the finer things in life don’t miss these guys!! They are an absolute pleasure to be around and handle . They have a great outlook on life and never seem to have a bad day. They’re selling utd on hoof care as well as vaccinations and deworming.

Bill & Bob

Bill(4yr) and Bob(5yr).

Full Brother geldings.

3/4 Belgian and 1/4 standardbred

Still filling out

16 and 16.1

Farm and traffic

Mated well

Good to shoe

Betty & Cheryl

Betty and Cheryl are a team of 3 and 4 year old mares . They’re off to a good start in life with experience on the farm and in the woodlot . Exposed to people and traffic as well and on their way to being an all around handy team. If you’re looking for an investment with lots of potential be sure to check them out !!

They are a sweet pair with lots of great potential. Selling utd on hoof care, vaccinations, and deworming.

Will Yoder


If you have kiddos that are outgrowing the old timer pony, this is your horse! 5yr old pony mare 13 hands tall. She has seen it all! She has drug calves to the fire, been rode in the mountains. She is gentle as they come. Good to shoe, catch, load and be around!


5 year old sorrel gilding pony.

38" inches tall.

Rocky is a super pretty pony.

Good to be around, has been ridden in the arena, really gentle dude.

Larry Roller 319-481-0179

Scarlett & Rose

10 & 11 year old Dunn Molly Mules 49 and 50 inches tall.

These gals have been used on lots of farm equipment and on overnight wagon trains.

Good with ears, clip, etc. Don't let their size fool you. Been driven on the rad, around tractors, semi's, etc.

Larry Roller 319-481-0179


14 year old Buckskin mare, 13.3 hands.

Sandy one hand neck reins like a big horse. She will go anywhere  you point her, up hills, down hills, along the roads.

She has also been used as an Amish school pony, driven lots of miles to the buggy.

Larry Roller 319-481-0179


2020 Bay Percheron/ Morgan cross,

15 hands.

Saige, you can't catch her because she will catch you. She is always the first one to the gate and very loving.

She has been trail rode in the woods, creeks, roads, gathered cattle. Will be a great asset to any family. Good to bathe, handle feet. Super gentle.

Larry Roller 319-481-0179


9 year old Sorrel John mule,

15.1 hands.

We raised Norman, always in your pocket. Good to clip, good to bathe, handle feet, ears.

He has been on several overnight trail rides, Been ridden in the hills, brush, creeks, along the roads, gathered cattle. Super cool dude.

Larry Roller 319-481-0179


Registered AQHA black gelding 2016, 15 hands.

Very pretty black gelding, long mane, long tail, and super nice to be around. Peppy has been trail ridden all over in the hills, brush, creeks. Has a very willing attidtide to go in any direction.

Many greats in his pedigree. Mr. San Peppy, Doc Quixote, Skippa Lark, Sonny Due Bar, Boston Mac.

Good to bathe, good with his feet. Super nice young gelding to to add to your riding program.

Larry Roller 319-481-0179


5 year old chest/white gelding pony 36" inches tall.

Cedar has been ridden & driven by a 5 year old Amish lad.

He will go anywhere you point him, just like a big horse.

Cute, cute, cute.

Larry Roller 319-481-0179


Sorrell Gypsie Mare 2018, 14 hands.

She will check all the boxes, pretty, gentle, and one the whole family love. Willow has been trail ridden in the hills, brush, creeks, and along the roads.

I just can't say enough good about her. We have owned her for a year, her previous owner had raised her but due to health problems had to sell her.

This is one that you won't want to miss.

Larry Roller 319-481-0179


5 year old Black Molly Mule,

14.3 hands.

Molly was part of the Miss. M. Makeover.

I have used her working cattle, trail riden, on the rodes, through the brush, creeks, etc.

Ridden in obstacle courses.

Ropes, sidepasses, lays down on comand. Handles feet and ears good. Bathes good. Nice mule for a hard days work or just go down the trails. Very pretty!

Larry Roller 319-481-0179


Registered AQHA Black Mare 2018,

15 hands.

Shine's pedigree goes back to many greats, Boston Mac, Sugar Becks, Papricka Pine, Shining Spark, Zan Pat Bar, Hollywood Dunnit. Shine is a very pretty and gentle mare to be around. She has been trail rode through hills, brush, water, along the roads. Very nice lope, will plant and do her 360's. An extremely nice mare. Ready to go in any riding program or to be an asset to any breeding program. She has gathered cattle, ponied colts. Good with her feet, easy to saddle, use to a mounting block.. We have owned her since she was 6 months old and just can't say enough good about her.

Larry Roller 319-481-0179


5 year old black/white mare pony, 32" inches tall.

Sassy is super cute. She has been used to lead kids around on. Ready to go on and be finished by her next little buckaroo.

Larry Roller 319-481-0179


2020 grade gelding. I have used this horse on the ranch. I have doctored calves,  roped cows, pushed cows, and trail ridden on him. He can be turned out for months then you can go and catch him and he is good, no buck or kick. We run on a big mountain in the summer and a big desert in the winter so he is good in all country. 15.2 hands tall.


2021 grade gelding. I have used this horse  on the ranch to push cows and trail ride. He is young but gentle and super willing. He can be turned out for months and then you can go and catch him and he is good, no buck or kick. We run on a big mountain in the summer and a big desert in the winter and so he is good with all country. 15 hands tall.


Patty is a well-built, 7 year old, red roan mare with a pretty silver mane and tail. She has good ground manners and loads with ease. Patty has mainly been ridden by Alicia and the boys. She is a great traveler in all 3 gates. She is gentle, in such that you can lay her off for 1 month, 3 months, or 6 and she will be just as gentle as when you last rode her. We have used her for ranch work, like gathering cattle on the mountain and as of late, been using her during calving. We have started roping on Patty and have packed salt on her.


2018 AQHA gelding, this horse "Dustin" has a big motor and can go all day. He is out of a Dash ta Fame mare who is a 3 time stakes winner on the flat track and is sired by JR Dynasty Mountain, who won nearly $200,000. His sire has sired multiple stake winners. Dustin Would make a great barrel prospect, he is really fast. He has been rode in the mountains, through creeks and brush, gathered and pushed cattle, and has been started on the head side as well for team roping. He is perfectly sound with no buck.


Super pony deluxe!

This is a nice 16yo Shetland pony gelding up for grabs.

“Dinky” is a wonderful pony to have in the barn. He has a quiet, gentle demeanor and loves to be loved on! He has a gorgeous chocolate/silver coat that gleams in the summertime.

It’s hard to find ponies that are broke to ride, drive, and child-safe. Dinky has spent his time teaching grandchildren how to ride and build confidence! He has also been used for pony parties, been in a pony ride string at rodeos, and he never gets sour.

Sound, sane, gentle

Stands tied for grooming, bathing, saddling

Stands approx 10.2hh

Ponies like Dinky are priceless to your family


Duke is a 5 yr old belgian/brabant cross stud. He stands at 17 hands, he is very well broke to drive. His main job has been feeding cows all winter but has also mowed and raked hay.  He has been drove with mares and geldings. He has produced some very nice foals with color and confirmation. We have breed several quarter horse mares with him and have gotten very nice half drafts. He is the sire to the yearling gelding that we also have in the sale.  For any questions call 208-390-2367


This gelding is quiet, quiet, quiet and gentle to handle and be around!

“Hank” is a lovely 16 yo sorrel gelding standing at around 15hh. This boy is not fazed by flags, tarps, motor vehicles, etc. He would make a great addition to someone’s lesson program for students to build confidence!

Rides well on the trail but can be a little watchy outside.

Hank is sound, healthy, and has great feet.


Cinch is a blue roan brabant/ belgian cross gelding. He was born june 2022. He should mature to 17 hands. His mother is a belgian, and sire (Duke) is a bay roan belgian/brabant that is also in the sale. He is gentle and a quick learner. He is still shedding off but will be a pretty silver blue roan. For any questions call 208-390-2367


This is a neat little 12yo(?) mare!

“Rosa” has the athletic qualities you will drive the tread off your tires trying to find.

This mare rides around well, has a sharp stop, and would make a wonderful breakaway horse, heel horse, or barrel/gymkhana horse for someone!

She is quick-footed and a fun ride for those who love horsepower.

Rosa does have a large scar on her left hip that we have no history on - this has not affected her!

Stands about 14.2hh

Sound and ready for a job!


Color and flash with blue eyes.

This nice little APHA mare is pretty easy to get along with. She rides outside better than in the arena. Better for a confident rider alone but in a group fine for less experience ridder. No buck or bolt.

Easy to load, clip, tie, shoe, saddle and mount. She is good in the mountains and confident. Stands about 14.2 ready to go.


Freckles is a 11-year-old. Molly mule has been used. Extensively for packing and last summer was rode by an 80 year old grandma and the summer before that she was rode all summer by a 8 year-old boy she has been on a lot of pack trips she hobbles and is good to be around.


Judy is a three year old Molly mule, super calm and nice to handle. We just started riding this mule. Has only been rode a few times, but she will make someone a heck of a mule just because of her personality.

Ike & Mike  

Ike is 11 years old & Mike’s 12 years old 

Percheron team, been in parades, wagon rides. Real deal team to teach anyone how to drive. 


Chito is a grade 9 year old gelding standing 15 hands.  He is an athletic horse and has been professionally trained.  He reins well, side passes, and does well with a rope thrown off of him.  He has been ridden with dogs, used to gather cows, ridden in the mountains, and worked in the arena, and has a smooth easy canter.  He is easy to catch and trailers well.

Terry & Jerry

Half linger Belgian cross

Both geldings

15 and 15.1

3 and 4 yr old

Used on farm equipment

Traffic safe

Jack & Jerry

13 yr old perch on team

Broke real good

Both geldings

Traffic safe, used on the farm, anybody can drive

17 hands

Lucy & Shasta

5 year old spotted draft team of mares. 3/4 sisters, 16.3 hands, been used in sleigh business and in a 6 horse hitch. Great little team with COLOR


5 yrs old

14.3 hands

12 months training at Haviland training stables

Supper gentle and quiet

Can sit in the corral for awhile and then goes right to work

Great bloodlines, barrel prospect, rope horse prospect.

Website link for Boone's dad


Really nice registered 3 yr old mare. Works a cow, will be a great ranch horse.

Jack and Jill

11/13 yr old welsh cross team 13 hands. Ride and drive


Jessie is a 3yr. 12.1h Buckskin pony gelding. A 12yr. Boy started him and has been cowboying on him in the desert  for the past 30days. Looks like Matt Dillions buckskin off of Gunsmoke.


Jasper is a 3yr. Coming 4yr. 15.1h Black Shire cross gelding.  Started using him on the ranch 4-5 months ago, has been rope of of. Easy to catch, load, bathe and tie.Not spooky, no buck. Lopes pretty circles, wants to to turn around and be handy.


11yr. 15.3h 1400lb Draft cross gelding. Prettiest Blue Roan you ever laid your eyes on. Easy to catch, loads and ties. Rides, doesn't buck, but knows where you are at all times. Needs a good season on the ranch you be finished. Big stout and will take a hard days work.


J-low is 8yr. 15.1 Sorrel QH mare. Built like a brick house. Lots of handle, turns around, side pass, and had an awsome stop. No buck or kick. Good to haul. Bathe and tie. Good with other horses. And has been roped on at the ranch.


Bubba is a 11yr.Chestnut QH gelding. Awesome neckrein. Super nice walk, trot, canter. Loads easy, ties. No buck or kick. He is Ranch branded, and has been ranched on in the Northwest. Will rope and doctor cattle. Been used extensively in Ranch sorting. Almost anyone can ride.

Marvin & Kate

Marvin is a 15 years old gilding.

18.2hh and weighs 2160.

He rides and drives. Drives single or in a team. Been in parades and has done a lot of public events.

Kate is 10 years old, 17.2hh

She rides and drives.

Sale choice


Cruz is a 14 yr old AQHA Registered Gelding. He is a beautiful sorrel just shy of 16H. Great papers. Cruz is a a great Rope Horse on the Head side. Well patterned and calm in the box. He is gentle and fast but doesn’t get hot. Just an overall good head horse. Outside of the arena, he has done a lot of ranch work, trail rides, and round ups. You can put anyone on him. His only con is he is not an easy keeper and needs occasional ulcer treatment. He won’t fight for food in a big group but once he attaches to 1 horse as a buddy he is totally fine. He has taken me to the pay window plenty of times at local jackpots but he will get anxious if tied up alone for a long period of time at the arena. That being said, he is still an awesome, easy to get along with horse. He has roped in the 8s on up to the 12s and competed great in all.

17 Yr old Gypsy Vanner, anyone can ride. Been in movie shoots and trail rode.


Cowboy is a nice 10 yr old, 15.3H Red Roan Gelding. Mainly used as a head horse. Calm in the box, rates well, and gives you the same shot every time. Has ran a ton of steers. Plenty of videos on him. Also been used to brand, ranch, and trail ride. Can be a little watchy but a nice broke horse. 

5 year old Dapple Gray gelding. Trail horse deluxe. Has been through the mountains. Good feet, easy to shoe, and a good mind.


Buck is an 8 year old AQHA all around ranch gelding. He has been used to pack on, pick up on, sort, rope, doctor, and gather on. He has been in the mountains and on the desert, in the arena, and everywhere you can think of. He has a big motor and will go all day long. He is a tough horse and very willing. He is soft and easy to ride, and very broke and gentle despite his big motor. Buck gets along with other horses, ponies and whatever else he lives with. He is used to kids and dogs, and will be a good all around horse for anyone that knows how to ride.


2006 APHA Buckskin, sweet, gentle mare, with a very soft and kind disposition. She is super soft and easy to ride with a little effort. She has never been used hard or ridden competitive. She is easy to catch and gets along with others in a herd. Would make a fantastic companion horse or trail horse.

Jack & Jill

Jack 12yr geld and Jill 8yr mare haflinger x pony team both ride and drive. These two LOVE to go! A cute little team with a Big Personality. Easy to catch ,trailer , shoe. Need an intermediate to experienced driver. Not any quite in these two of you love to drive and don't want the feed bill of a Big team then there two just may be for you.

Oak & Tree

Oak is a 4yr old Reg Suffolk Punch

Tree 12 yr old Reg Suffolk Punch

Big Team ready to work takes an experienced Driver The will Stand and Trailer Quite.

I have Paper work from the North American Suffolk Punch Association for the New owners to Get Registration Paper.

Vintage Peppy

Vintage Peppy AQHA 12 year old gelding. This brown beauty is by a son Hollywood Dun It and out of a Peppy San Badger mare. You will not find a better built horse than this. He has been used in all phases of ranch work. Has plenty of go but also willing to drop his head and just walk out. He is amazingly athletic, fast and can go any direction. He would make an excellent breakaway horse, barrel horse, heel horse. He has a kind eye, and is gentle. However, he is not a beginners horse. His only vice he does not like his right ear touched when bridling. Best just to undo the side, buckle wrap around the head and buckle.


Pickles 13.2 10yr old grade Gelding rides , trailers , will stands quite at the hitch rail. No buck no rear.

Can swing a rope off him no spook.


3 yr old Belgian mare, Amish broke to drive, exposed to Belgian stud


Trixie 25 American Paint mare

Trixie is still spry and ready to go point her any direction and she will not hesitate. Walk, trot, lopes off nice. Will stand all day tied no buck or rear. Loads shoes and baths nice.

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